About us

We develop and produce creative colors, pastes and modelling compounds in our owner-managed family business. All products are 100% "Made in Germany" and are developed and tested in our own laboratory to guarantee the best quality.

The implementation of interesting trends and the development of attractive innovations are our trademarks and have made us known far beyond Europe's borders. Our comprehensive range inspires creative people all over the world.

Creative ideas for the home

Color stands for liveliness, for personality and for the beautiful moments of life.

It has an effect on our senses and influences our feelings and is therefore much more than just a sensory impression conveyed by the eye and the brain. Once we get involved, we see our world with different eyes, we realize how colorful it is. We keep this variety of colors ready for you with our paints, pastes and modelling compounds. Discover these colors with our products developed and produced in Bad Salzuflen / Germany.

In these fast-paced times, everyone wants to have more time for themselves to actively do things and enjoy them, simply put: to slow down. In order to feel comfortable at home, designing and decorating one's own 4 walls according to one's own ideas is becoming more and more relevant. It is not only the purchase that counts, but also the design of the matching decoration. Mainstream products lose their attractiveness, because especially in times of increasing digitalisation, the importance of creativity and individuality increases. This creativity is our passion, in which we would like you to participate!

Our company in Bad Salzuflen (Germany)

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